BARBETTA LOCKART’S collection of art supplies and world market treasures.

ITSA Studio

Ordering is simple:  just e-mail me with your order, including your shipping address, and I will send you an e-mail confirming that I have your requested item available (or not), and payment options.  Once I ship your order I will notify you of the particulars.  I usually ship via Fed Ex ground or UPS ground since we can both track the shipment.  Seldom do I use Uncle Sam’s Postal Service; it is too often fraught with problems, and next to impossible to find things if they go astray. 

If you need your order immediately, you must let me know how you want it sent:  next day, 2nd day, etc.  Higher shipping fees will be charged accordingly.

The shipping fees you are charged are what I am charged; at this time I don’t include a ‘handling’ fee.  Please be aware, with the rise in fuel prices, all of the shippers have raised their rates--- alas, their fees are out of my control.
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