BARBETTA LOCKART’S collection of art supplies and world market treasures.

ITSA Studio

*** The site shows only a smidgen of items that I have available:  if you are going to be in Sacramento, you are welcome to stop by the studio to actually see the website items and more (it helps if you let me know what sort of items you would be interested in seeing).  As it is my working studio, it is not available on a daily basis, nor do I have regular drop-in hours. What that means is that you need to make an appointment with me.  Sometimes I will not be able to accommodate you (if classes or other events are scheduled.... or if I am up to my neck in art processes/deadlines that make it impossible for me to stop doing what I am doing), so I do need advance notice of a pending visit. 

*** I also restrict children.  This is a working art studio and is not childproof and therefore potentially hazardous to little ones; so no children are allowed; no exceptions, sorry. 

*** ITSA Studio is now on Facebook, Etsy and on Instagram; please visit and ‘like’ the pages if it strikes your fancy.

*** The site where I show my fine art is also online; please stop by to see the art, and to see the end result of some of the art processes I teach.  The site is located at: and can also be found on Artwork Archive.


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